Scion: Ethereal Journeys and Sonic Legacy

Delve into “Scion” – a symphonic voyage that dances between realms of consciousness and ethereal worlds. Born from the rich tapestry of “Orchid” and magnified over the years, Scion blends psychill, psybient, and more, echoing both nature’s whispers and profound musical influences. From its foundational beats to the expansive digital universe it occupies today, Scion invites listeners to an immersive experience, connecting souls to the artistry of sound.

Introduction: Embracing the Ethereal

In an age marked by ceaseless noise and haste, music can sometimes serve as our only retreat. Scion, my brainchild project, brings forth an alchemical fusion of psychill, psybient, psytrance, chillout, downtempo, uplifting, and psydub elements. Carrying the legacy of my former project “Orchid,” Scion is more than just sound—it’s a journey through the various layers of consciousness and realms of the ethereal.

The Dawn of Scion: A New Chapter

Scion wasn’t born overnight. In 2018, after more than a decade of crafting beats and melodic rhythms, Scion made its debut with the album “Ascend.” But its roots trace back to my university days, where the heartbeats of my project “Orchid” began pulsating. Orchid, with its melodic progressive house and chill-out breaks, laid the foundation for Scion. I had the privilege of releasing several Orchid tracks on vinyl under prestigious labels like Hope Recordings, Silver Planet Records, and Source of Gravity.

A Reflective Evolution: Scion’s Essence

If Orchid was my morning raga, Scion is the introspective evening hymn. Drawing from the vivacity of Orchid, Scion finds its place more on the relaxed, introspective side of the spectrum. It’s mature, more discerning, and perhaps it whispers to those seeking profound auditory experiences. Every track is a song of my soul—a sanctuary that shields me from life’s storms and bathes me in its serene glow.

The Confluence of Genres and Passions

Beyond the familiar echoes of Orchid, Scion resonates with influences from contemporary psychill, psybient, and a myriad of other chillout and ambient genres. Yet, it’s not just about music. My love for nature’s untouched corners—the forests, mountains, mossy terrains, hidden beaches, and more—imbues Scion with an earthy, authentic feel. The sounds of ethnic instruments and voices, reminiscent of remote civilizations and lost eras, further color Scion’s sonic tapestry. After all, every note is an ode to my deepest passions and a homage to the artist in every one of us.

Discover Scion: Sounds, Visuals, and Beyond

Music, they say, is best experienced. So, while words can paint a picture, it’s the symphonies and rhythms that transport you to alternate dimensions. Here, you’ll find links and music players for all four Scion releases, readily available for purchase on Bandcamp. But the auditory journey doesn’t end here. From SoundCloud to Spotify, and even the captivating visuals on YouTube, Scion’s presence is scattered across the digital landscape. As you immerse yourself in Scion’s world, may you find that ethereal connection, just as I did while creating it.

Dive into “Dark Star”: A HD Animated Odyssey

Step into a dimension where music meets visuals in a mesmerizing dance. Presenting “Dark Star,” not just as an album, but as a high-definition animated experience. Every beat, every nuance of this project has been intricately paired with visuals crafted meticulously on Adobe Premiere.

Countless hours have been poured into syncing the transitions, ensuring each visual pulse aligns harmoniously with the beats, guiding you through a journey of sonic symphony and captivating imagery. It’s not merely an album, but an escapade—an exploration of the convergence between psychill, psybient, and the ethereal universe of Scion.

So, dim those lights, settle into a cozy corner with your headphones, and let the magic of “Dark Star” transport you to the alternate dimensions of life and sound. This wasn’t just another project; it was a labor of love, passion, and boundless creativity. Here’s hoping your journey is as enriching as mine was in crafting it. Dive in and let the waves of “Dark Star” sweep you off to unseen realms.


Scion’s Quintessential Quartet: Sonic Stories in Art and Sound

Explore the heartfelt releases of Scion: Ascend, Tears of Atlantis, Sky Ocean, and Dark Star. More than just melodies, each album tells a story. The cover art, meticulously created through digital painting, offers a genuine glimpse into the mood and essence of the tracks. It was essential for me to have the visuals and sounds harmonize, giving listeners an enriched experience. Dive in and appreciate the blend of sound and sight that stemmed from simple passion and dedication.

1: Ascend

Introducing Scion’s inaugural album, “Ascend”. Envisioned as a mosaic of influences I’ve cherished over the years, this album offers a diverse tapestry of sounds, hinting at the musical journeys ahead. While it might have its technical imperfections, “Ascend” stands as both a testament to my dedication and a heartfelt homage to the genres that inspire me. It’s not just an album; it’s the first step in Scion’s evolving odyssey.

3: Sky Ocean

“Sky Ocean” is an exploration of playful imagination. Capturing the whimsy of birds soaring through the sky, evoking the graceful dance of fish in deep blue seas, this album bridges the ethereal heights of thermal currents to the profound depths of oceanic abysses. Its artwork mirrors this sentiment, inviting listeners to a world where the vastness of the sky mirrors the mysteries of the ocean. A celebration of nature’s parallels, from the weightlessness of the clouds to the dense embrace of the sea. Dive in and let your spirit soar.

2: Tears of Atlantis

A spontaneous burst of inspiration gave birth to “Tears of Atlantis”, a concise two-track offering. Crafted over a mere couple of days, this release encapsulates my musings on the legendary fall of Atlantis, evoking feelings for bygone cultures and our obscured ancestral past. It carries a twinge of melancholy for what once was, yet holds a hopeful gaze towards humanity’s future prospects. A brief but poignant dip into history’s echoes and tomorrow’s promise.

4: Dark Star

Venture into “Dark Star”, Scion’s latest offering that beckons listeners to a profound voyage through cosmic vastness. This release paints a sonic canvas of the ethereal, embracing the chilling vastness of the universe, yet intertwined with the comforting assurance of a greater, ineffable force that cradles us. Immerse yourself in this celestial odyssey and feel the embrace of the infinite. Dive deep into the unknown, knowing you’re never truly alone.

Scion on Spotify: Stream the Ethereal Journey

Dive into the immersive world of Scion, now available for streaming on Spotify. Journey through realms of consciousness, embrace ethereal rhythms, and relive the legacy birthed from “Orchid.” Appreciate the artistry? Don’t forget to follow, like, and share Scion’s musical odyssey with fellow enthusiasts. Let the symphony resonate, and experience the magic through the web player below. Join us, as the Scion soundscape unfolds.