Hi, i’m the man Alex Tooth. You might recognise me as an artist of varying descriptions, musician, conscious gathering host and all round generalist based in the Lake District national park, UK. You can catch a glimpse of my world on Instagram, I’ll see you around the digital realm!

Welcome to the canvas of my life and my art portfolio. My love for art began in my childhood, where simple sketches grew into a passion for creating. This journey took me to higher academic pursuits in art, encompassing animation, 3D modeling, and concept art.

In 2012, I delved professionally into illustration, mainly collaborating with gaming companies. Shortly after, the allure of the fashion world beckoned, leading me to establish several brands centered around my artwork and designs. This venture continued until global events shifted the landscape of the festival scene, nudging me towards fresh horizons.

Over the past few years, I’ve crafted a private sanctuary in the heart of the Lake District National Park. This haven has been the backdrop for gatherings, each designed to foster healing, spiritual enlightenment, and community.

In mid-2022, my artistic expression ventured into the realm of AI with Midjourney AI as my canvas. Today, I stand on the threshold of an artistic evolution, embracing the revolutionary power of AI. My recent works now proudly bear the title “AI-Powered Art”. But while the digital realm evolves, here, you’ll also discover my “classic galleries” – a nod to my pre-AI digital art days.

My creative allies? Photoshop, Huion graphics tablet, Lightroom, and Midjourney AI.

Dive in, enjoy the voyage, and I welcome your thoughts and comments on the gallery pages!